How to Help the Afghan Refugees and U.S. Servicemembers

Resources for Helping Refugees of Afghanistan

The 38% Unemployment Rate

A collective several decades worth of experience in parenting while working remotely.

How do you work from home with kids?

  • Working in bursts: When working from home, especially for the first time, your child may expect that you are always available to them. We recommend working in bursts; for example, do 30 minutes of active work and then spend 30 minutes with your kiddo(s).
  • Time blocking: This ties directly into working in bursts; handle high-priority items at the beginning of your workday, and ensure you’re setting times for your personal life and family life.
  • Scheduled and canned emails: If your workflow allows and you want to get ahead of your workday, start work before your team is online to get…

‘Why is delegation so hard for us?’ This usually comes down to 3 perspectives:

  1. The delegation process takes too much time
  2. The belief that delegation is wasted time
  3. Self-improvement bias

Let’s break these down further:

  1. Delegating takes too much time — This is a false perception that is fueled by emotions regarding delegation.
  2. Delegation is wasted extra time — This is also false as long as you are using the time to delegate effectively (more on how to delegate below).
  3. Self-improvement bias — Some managers don’t want to give up the “go-to” title for specific projects or tasks or feel they need to ‘perfect’ the project themselves by supervising all completed work. …

Kadisha Phillips, Cecilia’s House

How Cecilia’s House Empowers Women

We share our experiences, detail how to hold a virtual ugly sweater contest, and we share our Google Form Templates for you to use with your own team.

Coordination of the Event

2020 Veterans & Military Family Offerings:

How to build your team’s camaraderie through a remote team Halloween Costume Contest.

Why is remote team camaraderie important?

Squared Away’s playbook for leveraging your assistant as you prepare for maternity/paternity/parental leave.

Step 1 — Plan Ahead at Work

  • Inbox management…

Kelsey Opel

Director of Operations at Squared Away. Military spouse, working mom, and MBA student. Human and brave. Taco connoisseur.

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